Loukomania Renovates To Upgrade Your Experience!

Back to Base Dining Area Back to Base Kitchen Area Demo Kitchen Area Masked Glazing Wall Here is a sneak peak at renovations early on. It’s exciting to see a place emptied to the bones because anything is possible. It will be interesting to see how the restaurant has changed once the renovations are completed. We promise the food will still taste great, only the scenery will change!

Smokes Poutinerie London Ontario: Another Step Closer to Open

Smokes Seating smokes Kitchen Window Order Counter Kitchen Stocked  With their iconic bright red and black checkered tiles installed and seating placed, this restaurant looks so close to open we know customers must be anxiously anticipating their first meal! Everything is so shiny and new it invites you to come in and sit for a bit while you eat your poutine!

Coming Soon…

Filson is coming to Toronto and we can't wait to start the renovations! Check back later this month to see updates on how the store is shaping up!

Congratulations to Smokes Poutinerie!!

It just goes to show that to be innovative and stay in the game you have to think outside the typical brick and mortar "box". According to an interview with Ontario Restaurant News, founder Ryan Smolkin is doing just that through "non-traditional growth" - meaning campus, airport, stadium, and even amusement park units. We're so proud to be partnered with such a great Canadian brand. Congratula