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We are days away from finishing the beautiful All Star Wings on College St. We’re waiting for final inspections to pass and then we will do the final clean up. The timing couldn’t be better as the students are gearing up to go back to school and will appreciate all of the flavour options this restaurant has to offer. Imagine mid-terms rolling around, getting together with classmates to study over a couple of pounds of delicious wings or blow off some steam with some friends. A great location with good food and a warm atmosphere. Stay-tuned for updates as the restaurants gets closer to opening. Guaranteed you’ll have to go early to save a table!

Main Dining Area

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Outside Scissor lift Sky Jack For The High Ceilings Inside looking towards the entrance

With a lot of the pipes and plumbing completed we’ll be able to start framing. As you can see a lot of the space has been divided with steel studs and once the drywall goes up the restaurant will start to feel like a restaurant. It’s hard to see now, but in a few more weeks counters and kitchen appliances will be installed and then we’ll really start to see the character of the space come alive.

Smokes Poutinerie London Ontario: Another Step Closer to Open

Smokes Seating smokes Kitchen Window Order Counter Kitchen Stocked  With their iconic bright red and black checkered tiles installed and seating placed, this restaurant looks so close to open we know customers must be anxiously anticipating their first meal! Everything is so shiny and new it invites you to come in and sit for a bit while you eat your poutine!


Coming Soon…

Filson is coming to Toronto and we can't wait to start the renovations! Check back later this month to see updates on how the store is shaping up!